on branding.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

someone once told me, it's important for each of us to first and foremost truly define our own personal brand.

it all starts with defining who we are {and, of course, not being afraid of whatever that may be}.

who am i?

i love this concept. my personal brand. we all have one.

i think it's half the fun of growing up! defining ourselves. do you agree?

i got to thinking...

i've created my professional career around brand advertising. i strategize how aol can help brands truly define themselves via the wonderful avenues of our ad platform.

why can't i treat myself like i treat my retail brands? like i do in my work life, i can creatively strategize on the different ways to express who i am. what can help me continue to evolve and share my message with the world.

loving this parallel.

i think you should try it for yourself. oh please do, you.

whether it be your outfit, your jewels, your hairstyle. let's see your brand.

start here and persevere.

*something about the wrist is oh-so-sexy & oh-so-expressive*


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