Friday, July 29, 2011

i sure have talked you ear off this week, haven't i?

i mean, look at all of these - nothing but - words words words.

one more thing {for now, that is}.

i find that when i am constantly asking myself the question: does this serve me? i can release what i do not need.

is this working for me? if not, let it go. thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, relationships. it applies to all. and, i believe it really can be that simple.

this week in an early morning yoga class, cara was spot on...

maybe there's something in your life that's really annoying you right now.

locate it.
pin point it.
hone in on it.

breathe there.
breathe right into it.
expand the space around this problem.

let the breathe allow you to make this issue a teaspoon among a vast ocean. an ocean of breathe.

i love this metaphor.

i sure hope you do some breathing and expanding and letting go this weekend, my dears.

release what does not serve you.

sometimes i find this the most grounding thought in all the world. i have the power to choose what works, and what doesn't. and, inevitably own my life. because that's what we're all trying to do anyways.

*pure goodness found here and here.


  1. I love, love, love this.....and I love, love, love your blog. Makes me smile every time I read it. I found you by accident and I'm so happy that there are people in this world that think the way you do + share it.


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