call of forgiveness.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

remember this?

that's how my favorite ever-inspiring yoga teacher learned my name.

your water bottle says peace love gina on it. did you make that? that is so cool.

i told her today that her class is my's like church for me. she totally got it. we hugged.

in honor of anna, please listen. broken social scene - all in all. my favorite song playing in her class right now.

i tracked it down using shazam when it came on at the gap today, of all places. dropped everything and held that iphone high up in the air to capture this magical tune. an adorable little canadian band.

i am not feeling like my usual awe-inspired self these days, but this song helps bring it back.

so do unfiltered life chats. with the bestest of friends. it made this sunday oh-so-sacred.

can i tell you one of the greatest compliments i could possibly receive?

it's when people expend the energy to tell me they enjoy reading this blog. since it is truly the window to the raw essence of me, i believe what you are saying is that you like my soul. which, in my book, is the sincerest gift i could possibly ask for. i receive this compliment with the utmost honor.

beyond any words i could ever write, thank you. i am grateful for your complimentary thoughts and words.


{namastay, namago}.


  1. Ms. Gina, your blog has inspired me to turn some of my views around in a more positive way thats been missing from who I am for far too long and I just started reading. I can't wait to see what else you have to share! Thank you!


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