give it to the universe.

Monday, June 27, 2011

i made a new friend.

make new friends, but keep the old.
one is silver and the other gold.

{enter preschool rhyme that will forever stick with me}.

there is something so sacred about making new friends in our adult years, yes?

she is inspiring in her own right and i want her to be thoroughly aware of the beauty she brings to this life. big things are in store for her, my fellow blogger and long lost soul sister.

i remember my first week on the job she walked into our office and said something of the sort...

gina, i'm really glad you're here.
i feel as if we're kindred spirits.

we are.

it is vital for me to mention her today as she has taught me one of my most favorite phrases.

give it to the universe.

these seven simple syllables serve as the best life mantra for our daily lives. every time i say it in my head {or aloud} i feel better. try it. and remember, it's bigger than you.

may you trust. hands in the air, hair blowing in the wind kind of trust.

give it. own it.

*freedom found here.


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