dance, sing, floss, travel.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

feast your eyes on this vintage lululemon manifesto.

it's been with me since the beginning. back when i was their second employee. currently, it's hanging on the quote board in my closet. one of my many quote boards {there's six in my apartment alone including my fridge}. i guess that's my thing. we all have a thing, yes?

it all started with lulu.

i've read this manifesto through hundreds of times. and every time, it still gets me. there is a new lesson to be learned.

one i'm focusing on this week is dance, sing, floss, travel.

i definitely danced. and sang. and promised myself to floss extra well. and finally, i'm traveling to santa barbara.

it's been a good week.

may your weekend have tricks up its sleeve and catch you by surprise. love, me.


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