Thursday, June 2, 2011

everyone deserves a sister.

even if it's not a blood-related one, i hope that in your lifetime you can experience what it's like to have that deep sisterly bonded unconditional unspoken love. it's oh-so-special. i call my bestest bestest friends my sisters.

but there is really only one.

isn't she the most gorgeous dollface you've ever laid eyes on?


she's all grown up.

the thing with amy and i, is that we are the same, but different. that doesn't make sense, does it?

although, i think that might be true for a lot of sister twos. at the core and essence of our souls we are so alike. {cut from the same cloth, if you will}. but on the outside, we have our own unique character.

even though we don't verbally talk everyday, we're still talking constantly. this hidden energy binds us together. no matter what, i know i have her. and, she knows she has me. i am her biggest fan, and her mine. if that's not pure comfort, i don't know what is.

amy is my sister guardian angel, and for her i am grateful. every ounce of my being is proud of who she is and who she is growing to become.

happy graduation, sis. i love you!


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