namaste. i am good.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

so, i have this gal pal. her name is nahmyo.

and, you guys, she said the nicest thing on the planet about me. i can only wish and hope and dream to be this girl that she describes.

she just started a blog of her very own...talking to strangers. follow her, yes? she's got DC tricks up her sleeve and is so full of love and light that it's almost blinding if you stop and stare too long. such a brave adventurer and i have no doubt she'll continue to embrace her gifts and follow her dreams.

we have a special quote that bonds us.

i am a bride in a naughty world. my two shoes are goody-goody. my halo glows in the dark, lighting my way. optimism is my mantra. namaste. i am good.

namaste. we are good, sister.

*this card just makes me giggle.*


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