Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i haven't taken a big deep breathe in a while. have you?

{it's okay, sometimes we forget}.

i think you should. ready? go.

in...one, two, three. hold it. out...one, two, three.

feel better?


this simple word somehow became my intention tonight. my body needed a little extra cee-ohh-two to nourish every ounce of my being. every sip, in each pose, worked it's magic and quenched my thirst for air. i kept repeating the word oxygen. it served as some much needed natural medicine.

i started thinking how lucky i am to be able to experience the simple act of breathing deeply. we are given the choice to inhale big and exhale bigger. it's quite underrated if you ask me. the breathe is a gift.

breathe deeply, my dears. get your daily dose of oxygen. allow yourself some calm.

"pinteresting" my little heart out here and here.


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