destination blogging.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

oh, don't mind me. i'm just dabbling in what i like to call destination blogging. have you tried?

i had a thought today. hands down, travel writing is the best job ever invented. could you imagine? immersing yourself in a big city or tiny beach town and blogging about it. i'll practice my own version for now.

exhibit a.

what is a good running route?

i contacted my two best ex-new york gals {i know they've gone on many a run} who responded immediately. i received more than i could possibly ask for...exact directions! {my friends take such good care of me}.

westside highway along the hudson river it is.

our lady liberty is out there in the distance.

i took in each character i saw...imagined their stories and where they go home to at night.

the group of boys showing off their old school jump rope tricks. the man built of nothing but pure muscle practicing his handstands on the grass. the posh mom getting into a swanky black town car after picking her two boys up from soccer practice at pier 40. the sweet couple getting their engagement photos done as the sunset light shined so perfectly on their "i love you" faces. and, i couldn't help but notice the east coast ivy league male runners. the cutest part if you ask me.

it's such a different world over here. new york is full of independent souls. solo diners, bench sitters, music listeners, picnic-ers, and readers. it seems as if they have no schedule except to indulge in enjoying the simple pleasures of the sunset and the warm air on a tuesday night.

i took it upon myself to meander down the brown-stoned filled perry street in the west village to quench my carrie bradshaw craving.

can't you see her there in the distance running in stilettos to jump into big's car?

somehow i found my way home. that's the thing about this city. you always do.

amen for nights like these. they are the kind that stick with you forever.


  1. by golly i think you've got it. you've embraced that free bird feeling and are OWNING it! hope you jumped in the cab with carrie. xoxo


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