i love you more than girlfriends.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

don't mess with girlfriends.

look what i received in the mail today!!!

let me explain.

our guardian angel girlfriends are right up there with exactly what this card reads. booze & chocolate.

but, our bestest girlfriends can specify even further.

they are right up there with wine and chocolate covered quinoa and oprah and yoga.
i think this really hit home after the text conversation linds and i shared this weekend.

g: i like my peaceful non-partying lifestyle i guess. is that so bad?

l: well, it's saturday night almost. just spent the afternoon making bran muffins. now i'm sitting at my table with a glass of wine, chill music, and a stack of mags.

g: i came straight home and am having chardonnay on my couch with whole wheat crackers and glee.

l: will you marry me?

i had a good laugh over this one.

we both have served as a crucial piece to the puzzle in one another's lives, as we've figured out who we are and who we want to be. for this, i am eternally grateful.

i know she will find someone worthy enough of all the goodness she brings to this world.

isn't that what we're supposed to do?

find someone to love. and for that someone to love us right back? all of us. love the bran muffin making, dark chocolate-covered quinoa eating, cozy living quirks that define who we are?

i think so.


  1. love love love its like we just had an 8 mile run/therapy session


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