Monday, April 18, 2011

linds once sent me an email that read in the subject line: 3 min mark :)

the note that ensued was equally as "soul sister."

she is most definitely one of my guardian angels. in light of the video clip, she is the gayle to my oprah.

the email was dated december 22nd, 2010. just a short eight months prior, linds and i hadn't discovered our bond yet. isn't that a funny thought? think how close you can become to someone in such a short time. i think that's the beauty of adult friendships.

lindsey used to live 3 blocks away. that's approximately 528 feet. i saw her almost every single day of the week. we'd meet for 6 am runs and do 6:15 pm yoges. it was our thing. how nice it is to have a built-in buddy.

my fitness soulmate became my real life soulmate.

{i love that word soulmate. you know you live a blessed life when you find a close circle of your very own}.

our runs were absolute therapy. it's quite a unique phenomenon if you ask me. any thought i had, no matter how crazy i believed it to be, i could tell her. that's pure comfort. one foot in front of the other, rain or shine, she was there listening and pushing me to be the best i could be. that's when you know you've found one of your tried and true. it's like a built-in life cheerleader.

now linds is a lot more than 3 blocks from me...more like 3,820 blocks if we're still estimating. all the way down there in santa monica. i can still feel her cheers though.

tonight after a quick chat i told her i was feeling a bit "blah and lonely" for lack of a better description. quite uncharacteristic for me these days, but, in the end, i am only human.

on her way to yoga she listened to me vent while i walked.

"breathe." she said.

then later i get this note: "beautiful heart opening restorative practice dedicated to you, my dear."

i told her that it had worked!

she added, "good, i could tell because it was super challenging at first and then you must have released it. and the message of the class was all about acceptance of where you are at this moment, whether or not you're relaxed and at peace or anxious and restless."


it's something lindsey has always helped me with. to accept myself.
it's important to be proud of who you are no matter your state of mind at that moment. because this makes you love yourself wholly.

angel friends like lindsey are some of life's greatest gifts.


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