you are more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

Monday, April 4, 2011

this topic of power is something that continues to casually pass through my consciousness these days. power struggle. empowered. powerful. powerless.

i'm starting to realize that we don't realize how much power we hold inside each of us. we just have to believe in it.

one of my bests needs to find her own power. she's got so much of it, but doesn't know it yet. a true heart of gold, if you will.

she ironically gave me the sweetest treasure this weekend.

isn't it precious?
when i was a little girl, i remember hearing this phrase during a catholic sermon. it's always stayed with me.

...but back to us women, we need to find our voices. to stand up for ourselves. to have the strength and courage to step out of any form of a relationship that isn't healthy. and to communicate what we need. what we deserve.

that's what our twenties are for, right? discovering our own self-worth and self-esteem and confidence and power.

be the powerful light.


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