wherever you are, let it be enough.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

mini epiphany to share with you on this sunday eve.

mid forward folding half split - man i wish i knew the sanskrit term for that one - the wise anna says:

"wherever you are, let it be enough."

this hit home for me. especially as i sat there fidgeting.

this, my friends, is the key to happiness in my opinion. at times i feel as if we are constantly trying to be and get more. if we could just enjoy what is i think we'd be a lot happier.

to allow each and every experience to be good enough in that moment because we trust that the universe will take care of us if we keep following our true selves and listening to our own voice.

i wonder if yoga teachers - anna specifically - know the impact they have on people like me.

i had this thought today. i think it's interesting how much i daydream about her class. the music, the heart openers, the people, the sweat, the wise words, the experience itself. it's powerful. her existence has changed my life so much.

i like this concept. and, it makes me hope that my existence inspires someone else in this same way.


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