it's friday i'm in love.

Friday, April 15, 2011

i went iPhone.

can you believe it!?

it's already starting to change my relationship with technology. only for the better, of course. things are feeling a little smoother today...a little sexier. yes, i said it.

i'm equally excited about the fabulous new cover from the one and only kate spade.

i sure did not waste any time as per my beeline straight from verizon to visit ms. spade. i walked into that store buzzing with energy.

{hence the beeline}

lots of good changes happening over here. well, after all, it's all happening. i chatted that sweet sales rep's ear off and then proceeded to do the same inspired energetic ranting all the live long night. one person after another. anyhow, more to come on this later.

off to experiment with apps and emoticons and ring tones and instagram and, wow, sometimes that keyboard is hard to type on. in due time, my friends.


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