pure goodness.

Friday, April 29, 2011

there are certain people we encounter in life that are nothing but pure goodness.

i happen to know one of them.

on my last day of work jeannine sent me flowers so she could "be there in spirit."

flowers!? oh my. the prettiest bunch you've ever seen. absolutely stunning.

she did not have to do that. i do not deserve these!

the story behind the card is a hoot. jeannine had to translate via phone to the girl at the florist.

over giggles this afternoon she re-enacted having to say the words puddin' and sweetie.

silence came from the florist's end of the line.

excuse me?

puddin'... like the dessert... but drop the g!.

she definitely missed the apostrophe {which of course was in the lengthy instructions}.

"she totally thinks we're lovers" says jeannine.

nope, just soul friends. yet another guardian angel fluttering about.

the thing with jeannine is, she exudes kindness. and, in turn, forms instant bonds with everyone she meets. it's this wholesome, sweet, loving energy she puts out into the world.

might i add that she's pretty damn good at her job, too. a natural, really. i know good things are in her future.

anyhow, here she goes outdoing herself again in the kindness department.

a million thank yous.


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