i heart aol.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i have some exciting news to report on it's all happening.

things have come full circle in my career, friends.

i start at aol in a creative sales development strategy role on may 9th. i couldn't be more excited and thrilled and bursting at the seams with joy. i love that phrase.

it's been quite the whirlwind, hence the buzzing energy in my universe. i can't wait to share with you the many epiphanies i've had along the road.

the most exciting part. aol is it. i can feel it. it's my career. i'm in it for the long haul. i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be. magic.

do you know how good that feels? that's why we have to trust that every decision we've ever made in our lives is the right one. it's all about trust.

i think it's important to share with you how i went out on a limb and spoke from my heart when asked "why aol?"

trust me when i say this. it all falls into place.

life, that is.


i have this vivid memory at about age eleven - 1996 it must have been. it's a saturday morning and i'm sitting with my dad, mom, and sister in our family's computer room. my dad has just purchased "america online" for our family's single desktop computer. the internet is this new foreign concept. it's dial-up of course...even with our "high speed" modem, it takes about three minutes to "sign on." step 1....step 2....step 3....verifying password. i still use the same one i created on that very day.

i remember feeling creative pressure to come up with the perfect screen name. something i'd carry with me and identify with for ever and ever :) i even had scratch paper and with the help of the "fam" finally came up with "gmsmiles4u." seemed so fitting for me. gina martini smiles for you. i only un-willingly gave it up when i made the jump from college to the real world.

oh, the days of the first instant messages and chat rooms. so much has happened and been said via gmsmiles4u. so much growth. seems like a lifetime ago to me especially to think how the internet has grown from there. i think this is why I'm so drawn to the digital world, especially aol. because it truly was my first internet experience. i identify with it. i have this sense of completeness thinking that i'd get to be apart of the organization...to help nurture the brand...to live and breathe it.

the way aol is creatively positioning themselves in the digital space right now is exciting. i think people are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what great new heights they will reach. like i mentioned earlier, aol.com has been my sign-on page each and every time i've signed on to the computer for the past almost fifteen years. i feel like i've been with aol every step of the way, routing on the sidelines as their biggest fan wanting them to succeed. i want to see how they will change the industry... i think it's a movement of sorts. every individual i've met has shown me nothing but great energy, as if everyone is on this same page. that cohesiveness is so refreshing to see. i feel a sense of innovation and this is a culture i'm dying to be a part of.

i'm not sure why, but i feel inclined to send you the blog i write: it's all happening. i started it a few years ago and i think it'll give you a good sense of how i see the world. it's gone through somewhat of a re-brand as well, like aol....a few theme changes here and there. it also started out as a place for me to document all that i am grateful for. then, as of late, it's recently transitioned to the things that inspire me...the things i want to remember forever.

i always remember though, that it all started with gmsmiles4u.

...and off we go on a new adventure.


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