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Thursday, April 28, 2011

i love a good love story.

i just have to share the sweetest thank you note i got this week. i am oh so honored to have received such a treasure in my mailbox.

i love getting mail. my day is always a little bit brighter when there's something in there. a menu, or even a bill. i chuckle when after 1+ years there are still letters addressed to tenants prior. so far, i know there was once an walter and a pauline. now there's just little 'ol me. oh, if the walls could talk. apartments must hold real good stories in those walls of theirs.

but, back to the mailbox. invitations are delightful; however, the best kind of mail are the notes you're least expecting.

i think that's when you know someone really loves you. you can feel them thinking about you.

feast your eyes on the most adorable thank you note you've ever seen.

after six months, i finally sent allie and matt their wedding gift. happy six month anniversary! is more like it.

i had the privilege of standing beside allie as her and matt exchanged vows this past october. she'd originally asked me to officiate, but it was a task i didn't feel worthy to take on. how could i possibly do their love justice? instead i got to observe them seal the deal forever with utter adoration.

i've been pondering relationships lately. maybe a commitment is brewing in my future, who knows?

it truly amazes me how two people can meet so young and "grow up" in their love and become who they really are. that's when you know the love is special, when you can do the growing together.

best friends.

allie and matt sure do have a great love story. how lucky am i to have been a part of it from the very first day i got the phone call...

"i met a boy!"


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