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Monday, April 25, 2011

i do my best thinking on my walks. solo walks.

does that happen to you? my mind wanders and wanders. i secretly love it though. feeling free in my thoughts. no one to disturb me. just the wind at my back.

often times, as ideas appear in my mind i'll say to myself, "i've got to do a blog post on that!"

by the time i actually sit down to write, the profound thought has escaped me. i swear it was a good story in my head, i swear. if i could just remember what it was and articulate it as perfectly as it seemed in my brain.

articulating what you're thinking in that head of yours is tough business, i tell you. i'm working hard to master it.

today i sang. out loud.

this song in particular was on repeat for three quarters of my stroll.

ironically it's called "today" by joshua radin. another anna class inspired song. she really is right on with her taste in music.

my thoughts trail off...

this would be the perfect wedding song i say to myself.

then i get started on weddings. and, if you know one thing about me, it's that i l-o-v-e them with all my heart.

{and if you know another thing about me, it's that i really just love love}. i'm okay with that.

as a little girl i'd cry at the end of father of the bride. i think that's when the crux of my obsession started. when did that movie come out? 1991. i was six.

this is the line in the song that really got me.

i sat beside you and became myself today

so sweet.


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