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Monday, April 11, 2011

i have to share the dearest thing with you.

{dearest is one of my favorite words in the english language. i'm not even sure i use it correctly, but it oh-so-perfectly describes the feeling i get when i want to close my eyes, tilt my head down and to the left, coyly shrug my shoulders and put my hand to my heart. it's right up there with the word soul in my book}.

my mom did my laundry this weekend while i was out of town. isn't that the nicest gesture?

she helps me with my laundry a lot, i must admit. whenever i bring my whopping eight loads home on the occasional weekend i have all of these grand plans to get down to business, but before i can, she's gone tackling the heap that is sweaty yoga clothes and towels.

she does the most special thing when she folds. and, i know for a fact she learned it from here mama. like mother, like daughter.

{and, pardon me, this is for the pg-13 viewers only. yes i have my delicates on my blog}.

delicates. i'm not sure that i like that word.

anyhow, lots of digressions tonight.

please witness the magnificent, individually folded undies. she takes the time to fold every single one.

it's the most unique thing i've ever seen. and, without fail, every time i get a kick out of her folding tricks when i go home to put these colorful undies away.

i, she took all that time...

i'm so genuinely appreciative and thrilled and tickled, really...

thanks, mom.


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