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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

so, i finished clean!

{warning, this post gets slightly up close and personal}.

twenty one days of nothing but clean foods. it's been glorious, and i highly recommend the program to anyone who is feeling like they have what i like to call a life hangover. just a fancy term for not enough rest and recovery from the stress in our lives.

for me, i push myself at work, unwind with yoga and running, but still incorporate the fun to the point of excess {sometimes around food and drink}. needless to say, i got tired. it was time to really listen to my body.

so, after three weeks of smoothie, meal, smoothie and following the elimination diet, i feel fantastic!

i'd love to share a few learnings with you, dolls.

one. have you ever had an epsom salt bath? try it! oh, please do. the key is to soak for twenty minutes with the water as hot as you can take it. once out, hydrate with an ice cold glass of water. it's life changing!

two. body brushing is my new favorite skin-care regimen. out with the dead skin cells and in with the new. my skin has never felt softer! go pick yours up at whole foods today, you won't regret it.

three. i'm a creature of routine and i'm naturally drawn to healthy foods so it truly wasn't that difficult to maintain {especially if you are okay with allotting extra prep time for meals}. the two things i missed most - apparently my vices - were coffee and wine. not so much for the buzz that both give you, but just the comfort of a warm cup of coffee on these chilly sf summer mornings and a glass of vino after a long week.

i can't help but think of this book as i'm finishing up the cleanse. women, food, and god by geneen roth. which, i happened to read last august. she speaks so eloquently and spiritually about compulsive eating.

i think the most crucial take-away for me is the importance of not using food as a way to cope, to fill a void or suppress an emotion. we must get to the core of any fears, anxieties, or stressors that exist in our lives without numbing with unhealthy habits. understanding our bodies is oh-so-important.

may we take a vow to forever be mindful eaters and always get real with our emotions. live rawly.

*gosh, loves, i really could chit chat your ear off. if you have any questions, i'd love to chat! thank you dearly for all of the notes of inspiration and congratulations. it means so much. photo taken on a glorious sunday, day twenty one. a gift from a dear friend.


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