Sunday, August 7, 2011

i think sunday morning yoga is the best invention ever.

simply put, it's church for me.

except better. because you chant and om and let your body flow. you also pray. so it all works out.

i discovered my favorite yoga pose.

supta baddha konasana (SOUP-tah BAH-dah cone-NAHS-anna). it feels so good to put one hand on your heart and one on your belly. connecting your life force and the love in your heart.

he said the best thing today.

think of someone in your life you're really grateful for. wrap your heart around them. give them love and let them know you're glad they're here.
because it's all only temporary. this life is temporary. makes everything that much more precious, doesn't it? approach your life this way, from a place where every thing is a little more precious.

this resonates with me. it's what i'm constantly striving to do. live life from a heartfelt precious point of view. and, supta baddha konasana reminds me to do so.

the more we channel preciousness, the less we take it for granted. because it's all only temporary.

hope your weekends were nothing but sweet, my dears.

*found here.


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