the ripple effect.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

tonight my intention in yoga was empowerment. and, to give into the experience of letting love in.

then i came home and watched this.

talk about feeling empowered.

i would say yoga will save your life. it will change your life. it will make you so much more accepting of yourself.

i think we all just want to feel connected. simply connected to ourselves. yoga connects. it brings contentment and understanding amidst all the noise.

it has, in fact, changed my life. and, given me access to my heart as the trailer describes. i can finally feel every cell of my being.

may you move your body and be happy and free. may you find that inner peace.



  1. OH MY OM, chilllllllssss Gean. This looks amazing! What a beautiful community of strong, empowered women that we get to be a part of. After throwing myself into yoga this week, its remarkable how all of that fear, anxiety and negative self talk just lifts off and floats away. Namaste my friend


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