august 4th

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

where oh where has the summer gone?

do we love the new look and feel of it's all happening? i heart it.

i've done several "draft posts" these past few months, but never hit "publish". silly me. just "so busy." oh please. the truth is, i miss this blog so so much. i've been rushing and whirl-winding through life lately. it's funny, i'm living my life, in part, the way i've always wanted to. it's such a great feeling when you have this vision of how you want to be movin' and groovin' and all of a sudden it comes true. i hope this means that all my visions will come true eventually. that'd be nice.

there are several things weighing me down this week. little annoying heavy bricks in my backpack - as my dear, anna quindlen would say. snap out of it, gina.

life is good. you are on the right path. things are as they should be. continue on your journey and everything will work out just the way it's meant to. that's been my "intention" this week.

here goes gratitude...

1. edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. home.
one of my songs of summer.

2. sara barielles. king of anything.
nothing but love, sara. can't wait until september 7th, 2010. new album, yes.

3. eric hutchinson. it's ok it's alright with me.
wise words, my friend.

4. lindsey morkert.
this girl has truly changed my life. without her i'd be 5 pounds heavier. my running and yoga passion would not have been pursued with such gusto without you. there's no way i'd actually get out of bed at 5:45am in the dark and misty fog. thank you, friend, for helping me achieve so many things i've been wanting to for so so long.

5. women, food, and god.
a must read. geneen roth is RIGHT ON. i've read several of her other books, so when this one was introduced to me i dove right in. one of my favorite quotes: "it's not about food. it's never about food. and it's not even about feelings. it's about what's below them. what's beyond them. it's about the parts of you that you take to be you. the parts of you with which you identify."
oprah is a big fan. get on the bandwagon.

6. aha yoga.
a haven of health, happiness, and inspiration. a great addition to my life. a hop, skip and a jump away from my house. thank gosh i discovered you.

7. the help.
so nostalgic for aibileen, minny, and miss skeeter. don't forget to read it this summer.

8. coral hobo clutches.
i've been in the market for a new wallet for about a year. mom found this beauty for me on sale. makes me so happy.

9. diane.
there are no words to how much you help.

10. pseudo older sisters. you listen to every thought that goes through my head. and for that, i sincerely thank you.

11. witnessing my beautiful sister grow up.
so proud of you. look how little you were then:)

12. jam packed weekends.
jammy jam it all in this summer. my how time flies. best friend visits. santa barbara. sonoma. weddings. concerts. san diego.

13. PHO.
how good is pho!? my new favorite meal. Pho-nomenal!

wow, what a release this was. until next time. all my love. gm.


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