august 9th

Monday, August 9, 2010

i believe it was august 9th, 2009 i was en route to paris in first class on airfrance.


what an adventure i've lived to tell. even though i don't tell it too often, it's with me always.

on this - yet another - gloomy monday, i am thankful for...

1. when kelley visits.

this moment was when we were on our way to get out nails done and i didn't have any cash with me. kells whipped out her mula. fan it, sista.

2. miss andrea glick.
i admire you.

3. water aerobics.

who knew i had a special knack for instructing:) it was really just the visor that brought it out in me.

4. family dinners at margo and chris's new place.
so homey. i'm so happy for both of you in your big move. i love your apartment. and i love you both!

5. swings and slides.
there's nothing like pretending you're 7 years old again after too much wine:) our saturday night was so entertaining.


  1. was going through my inbox and came across your blog. started reading and didn't want to stop. i'm a big fan of #2. love you lots gf.


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