Wednesday, July 11, 2012

if i could, i would address everyone with a term of endearment. i mean, why not, right? it would make life that much sweeter.

while trying to fall asleep last night, i came up with my list of favorites {because what else should you fall asleep thinking about?}.

my sweets.
doll. / dollface. / babydoll.
love. / lovebug.
hun. / hunny. / honeypie.

sometimes i feel like i truly belong in the south. maybe someday...

i hope i meet someone who will let me playfully call him all of these silly names. just to burst out in a fit of laughter or challenge me to an endearment war.

hugs to you, my dreamboats.

*pic taken with my instagram. a simple paper gifted to me by a "dear" friend.


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