only love.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

i've been out of touch, my loves. and, i attribute that mostly to not being in a normal routine. instead, there's been lots of movement and quality time and well... just summer. there's more than enough goodness to write about, with so little free time to write it.

it makes me think about the ebb and flow of life. the phases, the busy-ness, the downtime. they all balance each other out. we must take care of ourselves along the way.

as of late, i've learned that tea can sometimes be the best medicine. i've drank more hot tea in the past two weeks than i have in my whole life. and i feel comforted by the warmth. things are a-shiftin' and i feel so blessed to be riding this wave of self-discovery.

i'm overwhelmed with a sense of fullness - much like a warm cup of tea - which best describes this uncharted territory. one sip of this higher-level of understanding and i'm pleased to my core, my heart expanding to fit only love. there is only space for love.

*i knew i pinned this weeks ago with a post in mind.


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