my oh my.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

so i saw tristan prettyman perform live last night. you may have heard me mention her a time or two {or three or four! my gosh, i guess she's up there in my book!}.

...and then we met her! {i just love that sentence. i could say it over and over}. we kind of even became friends for a minute or two. like real-life chats. i even told her a snippet of this story.

long story short {even though short stories aren't my forté}, due to the wonderful world of social networks {á la instagram, twitter, facebook, and tumblr} i saw that she was in san francisco playing a "private event" at cafe du nord. and, do you know what i said to that, dolls? private schhhhmivate. we went. and the bouncer {who should absolutely be kept employed there} let two innocent girls not on said list right on in. man do i owe him.

turns out, it was a small gathering organized by her record label. translation: we had no business being there. but sometimes at the right moments in life, that universe is really just on your side.

she loved our crashing the party story so much so that we paused for an instagram pic. did you hear that? an instragram pic! {i mean... you know i think there is no better invention than instagram!} we even got some sweet comments.

tp and i, i feel like we would be pretty great pals. sometimes you just know. ya know? it kind of hit me that i have so many empowering, kickass, kind, good-hearted, fun, and grounded girlfriends surrounding me. tp would undoubtedly be one of them.

wow, this is so far up there on experiences i am grateful for. top ten, for sure. check out her new album - cedar & gold - coming out this fall. she just released her first song, my oh my. so good, sooo gooooood!


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