why did you kiss me? because i like you.

Monday, May 9, 2011

sometimes i worry that maybe my words aren't good enough for you. will you ever get bored? stop in to see me and think, i need more.

maybe that's just what i need from myself, more, in the word department.

in hindsight, it's a pointless worry. we all have a few of those up our sleeve.

today i must share the most darling video with you. from none other than TP. one of my all time faves. a post on her to follow.

indulge in this minute and forty four seconds. it'll bring you back to your kindergarten self when andrew phillips kissed you up and down your back in mrs. brooke's class.

oh wait, oops. that may have been me!

either way, i hope it reminds you of something sweet and innocent.


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