we all just want to feel connected.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my mind wanders back to this post and the talk on human connection.

i keep coming back to this sentence: we all just want to feel connected.

isn't that the truth of it all... the heart of the matter?

connected in love. in friendships. in spirit. in ideas. in chemistry. in interactions. in self-confidence.

connected to new friends. to old friends. to the strangers we pass on the street or stand behind in line.
we are looking to form bonds.

i crave connection. i'm doing whatever i can these days to find it.

in my opinion, connection to the breathe is where it all starts because this means connection to yourself first.

vinyasa is the connection of movement and the breathe. it just dawned on me...i've made the connection to yoga and my life. it's why i keep getting back on the mat. so i can clear my mind of all of the nonsense and feel connected to each and every one of cells that make up my being.

connection breeds goodness.

it all starts here. may you open your heart to connection.

*photo found on pinterest. this site is going places, my friends.*


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