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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i had one of those days today.

you know, the ones that make you feel grateful to be alive and well. the ones that promise you, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. it was a simple day full of simple things, but it made me appreciate san francisco more than i have in a long long time.

let me re-cap so i can remember forever and ever.

it started with sunshine - always a plus - and a walk with my older {soul} sister that i never had. but i do have now, so all is right in the world.

a walk with her and the little one . nothing like starting your day with an eighteen month old to remind you that it's okay to get excited about the little things. like every "bus!" that passes by. he is nothing but pure grace. i am so lucky to witness him grow.

then a coffee. hot latté to go along with the hot day. why not?

it's more than just a power walk, really. it's a baring of the soul. it's this comfort that exists from being in step with your soul sister. to be able to say anything your heart desires. fears, hopes, dreams, giggles, embarrassing moments, pointless facts, random stories, epiphanies. everything. it's so nice to have a buddy like that, wouldn't you agree?

so we walked and we talked and we shopped and we mani-pedi'ed. and, we all know that's on my top ten favorite activities. my toes are feeling la la lavender.

the rest of the day included more of my favorite things.


the grove, hummus, salads, kombucha!, coconut water, bathing suits, sun tanning, picnics, becoming fearless book club, chatting, blue sky, music, yoga, phone catch-ups, sushi, and chocolate.

i mean, if only every day was as carefree as this one.

but, it's okay that they aren't, because these ones become all the more blissful. this day is one for the record books.

one of our best laughs was our chant {thank you, mom, for this one}

sun sun do your duty
make my bod a bod of beauty

followed by stace admitting,
geans, i don't think i've ever been in a bikini at the park before.

me either!

and why wouldn't we add in a downward dog in a two piece? it's a free day.

thank you, stace, for spending it with me. i know you don't believe me, but you truly taught me everything i know. and for this i am eternally grateful. my inspiration, my soul sister.


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