breathe deeply.

Monday, May 16, 2011

tonight i went home to visit the parentals. oh, they mean so well.

and, they love when their oldest birdie comes to visit the nest.

it's nice to get a sneak peak into their world sans chickadees and see how they genuinely crack each other up all by their sweet lonesome. in this world, that's becoming a rare occurrence. a blessing, really.

i'm so lucky to witness their idiosyncratic love. i'm oh so happy for them.

sometimes they get me going...i spew story after story after story.

dating in your twenties and blind dating were two of our topics of conversation this evening. exhausting, quite honestly. and, such a foreign concept to them.

mom looks at dad.

"don't ever leave me!"

i am so thankful for these two peas in a pod. they are great role models for lasting love.

i hope you are breathing deeply these days. xoxo.


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