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Friday, May 20, 2011

think how many stories there are out there.

life stories.

the kind full of mistakes and wrong turns, but also triumphs and lessons learned.

...and laughter. we must not forget the stories full of life's best medicine.

someone once told me that our lives are always at a crossroads. this didn't really resonate with me until just recently. life is one big crossroads actually. full of intersections on a daily basis. we just learn to choose the roads that work best for us.

one of my favorite things in life is to get people to tell me their story. i'd bet you some are taken aback by my question asking, but i really just want their own personal novel. their background, their adventures, their essence.

i hope you know that. no judging, just pure curiosity. i do my best to portray that message.

i had a thought.
each and every person we pass, realize that they have a story. let our minds imagine what secrets they hold, what places they've visited, what loves they've had. when we look beyond the surface and read between the lines it allows us to realize that we're all connected {there's that word again} on a much deeper level.

we share a common link in our stories.

please tell me yours.

ps. great moment in yoga i'd like to share with you.

"for just one minute i want you to let your mind stream in every single thing you are grateful for in your life. just let the gratitude flow naturally through your mind, however your thoughts work."

i found myself being grateful in that moment for even the things i'd resisted letting myself be thankful for beforehand. because we should be grateful for everything. because we are exactly where we're supposed to be. we're living our very own crazy, tragic and sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful, life stories.

discovering gratitude teaches me this.

*quote and inspiration for this post via my writers crush. if i could only write as good as she does. and photo via happenstance.*


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