let your guard down.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i'm a little out of my element these days. new opportunity, new routine. it's a challenge not to know what to expect each evening, like 6:15pm yoga. but, i know this is good for me. there are other ways to explore feeling grounded.

one word comes to mind: fresh.

tonight i got to visit with an old friend. a relationship that allows my true essence to shine through. no filter, no guard with him.

it's special to encounter people who allow you to be your most honest self. to reveal your insecurities and quirks like they are just another topic of discussion, issues to face head on.

letting your guard down can be so simple, yet so refreshing and rejuvenating. i need to take this idea with me in my new phase of life.

tonight taught me a good lesson in spontaneity. that things don't always have to be so regimented to bring happiness. and, just like my backbends preach, to open my heart to the unknown.


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