oh hi, seattle.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

i was lucky enough to be able to travel to seattle for the first time this past week. and, i really want to be consciously aware of the luck in this trip. thank you, work. oh how i've been pining to get to the pacific northwest! even though i was pretty under the weather {and no pun intended due to the seattle climate} i was still able to enjoy a few hours of adventuring.

mostly i felt wrapped in a big hug by seattle. it's cozy, mystical, and green. with the space needle on the horizon, i sat on the courthouse steps eating lunch, trying to soak in what vitamin d i could, and i had this thought about traveling...

sometimes the best part is just existing in a new city by yourself. picking a place - whether it be a park bench, a coffee shop, or those courthouse steps - immersing yourself in it and pretending you are a true city dweller just for the day. what would it be like to live here? you ask yourself.

no one knows who you are, and the anonymity is oddly comforting and freeing at the same time. i believe you learn a lot about yourself when you don't know a soul. what direction will i walk? what exchanges will i have with strangers? what will i fill my day with? it's fascinating what one can discover about oneself on a solo traveling adventure. the key is to have an open heart and a genuine awareness {gosh, those keys certainly sound familiar}.

i wish a good independent trip upon you soon. xoxo.


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