Wednesday, June 27, 2012

i've been trying to write to you all week, but the 'ol brain is a bit foggy. which is quite unfortunate seeing as though i had a dear friend in town this past weekend and all we did was talk about life and hopes and dreams! complete perfection. so much to share.

i will muster up the brain power to share one sweet thing. amidst some deep soul sister chats, i realized that life can really surprise you. where you had once envisioned yourself being, you might not be. but the place you exist turns out to be just perfect instead. funny how that works out, don't you think?

i think life is best when it really surprises you. and more importantly, when you surprise yourself.

i have this rare and coveted feeling at the moment that i just get it. i'm not really sure what it is and i'm not exactly sure how long it will stay, but i hope it's here for good. or for a long while anyway. calm is the best way i can describe it. an inner knowing that the less we try to control, and the more we just let happen, the happier we'll be.

may we find peace in the future and know that everything we envision is moving toward us.

bon voyage for now. tales of upcoming adventures coming soon... 

*paint found here.


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