Wednesday, June 13, 2012

i come up with my best blogging material while i am walking the streets of san francisco. the solution to any form of writer's block... walking shoes and an ipod. sometimes i think, if i could adventure every day, what thoughts would pour out into words...

undoubtedly it's when my head is the clearest. my thoughts are the richest. life makes sense, and everything is as it should be. walking is the cheapest therapy there ever was, and as silly as this sounds, i never want to take my own two healthy legs for granted. they sure do get me around town.

the other eve ago i took the chinatown route home, and as i walked uphill {of course} behind two elderly asian women walking hand-in-hand {yes i was moving slower than they were} each disappeared behind a door one block after the other. i started thinking about the lives behind those doors and that amos lee song came to mind. do you know the one? shout out loud.

 a thousand empty windows
and only half the lights are out
i wonder what these people's lives
what they might be all about
do they got a lover
and could they have a family
could it be their just as lonesome 
as you and me
 i wanna shout out
shout out loud
why don't you all just come on out
and we can tear it all down

it's about people living in different houses in between walls and behind closed doors. think how many different lives there are in one city. thousands... millions, even. then multiply that by every city in the world. billions of stories and worlds created behind these doors. and yet, while we are separated into our own living spaces, we unmistakably endure the same emotions and life experiences. we are isolated and unified all at once.

if only the walls could come down and we could shout out loud.

wow, that's hard to articulate. whether i got the point across or not, somehow it's beyond fascinating in my head. i decided being perfectly articulate is the true art of a good writer. but man, it's tough sometimes.

*vintage sf photo {route of my daily walks} found here


  1. I think the best peices of art (music/writing/painting...etc) can articulate feelings/emotions. You do a pretty great job of that.


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