atta girl.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

i have an awesome experience i need to get down on paper because sometimes storing it in the 'ol brain isn't enough. and, this warrants a note on the gratitude pad.

let me start by saying, i love my job {can you believe those words came out of my mouth!? i'm still pinching myself just to be sure, and being irrationally superstitious that once i admit it, the joy will vanish. no jinxing please, universe}.

a few months ago, a co-worker told me to start keeping an atta girl file. the kind where you keep all of your best work and biggest pat-on-the-back accomplishments. i loved this idea. well, i will add this program to my folder.

signature sounds is a tour through six music capitals across the u.s. - seattle, atlanta, nashville, new york, chicago, and la - all sponsored by t-mobile. the fabulous allison hagendorf could not be a more perfect host to portray the musical history of each city. i told her so when i got to meet and thank her in person! in all seriousness, she does a rockin' {no pun intended} job exploring the capitals from interviewing her musician friends and locals to attending open mic nights to popping in record stores to walking the streets to eating good food, she is just beyond cool. watch the videos! you'll love them. and learn a thing or two. i promise.

i strongly dislike tooting horns, but i helped build this program from the ground up... long nights, lots of brainstorming, and hashing out all the nitty gritty details. it feels so damn good to see it come to fruition and be a part of something great.

monday night i flew down to la for the big closing bash. fun. performed a great show!

grateful for surprise hotel room upgrades, meeting new friends, reconnecting with old and being part of such a wonderful experience. finally, let's not forget, bumping into sara barielles at the house of blues {you guys know she is basically my all time fave and she's made my daily gratitude list before}. i was completely starstruck and actually worked up enough courage to say god knows what to her {hopefully nothing too embarrassing!}.

p.s. have you heard fun. cover 'call me maybe'? it's so rad.
p.p.s. thank you for reading this terribly long post. i love you for it.


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