Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ever since a dear friend sent me this article on busy-ness, i hate to come right out and say it, but oh boy have i been busy! and, if we refer to the good 'ol fashion definition, it means - actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime. yup, that sounds about right...

hello, work. it's nice to meet you. i see that you like to occupy quite a bit of my attention. oh, but don't you think that's a bit selfish of you? {as you sit and stare back at me with folded arms and a tapping foot}.

now we're well into august and sometimes i think i have the words to write to you, but mostly i don't. the gift of travel has a flipside of exhaustion. sometimes amidst the chaos i forget to be grateful, even though that's truly when we need it most. for now i will leave you with... gratitude according to iphones. sometimes pictures say what words cannot...

yoga with a view.

 summer adventures.

therapy walks turned dance parties.

affordable fresh produce.

country concerts.

@ aol nyc.

subway rides.

central park.

 wine country.

northern california beauty.

mail surprises.

san diego mommy practice.

denim twinsies.

homemade granola deliveries.

wedding reunions.


overall, i feel lucky and blessed. these photos are a reminder that no matter what, life will work itself out. just surround yourself with people who make you blissfully happy and who lift you up... make them your guardian angels.

see you soon and lots of hugs and stuff, g.


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