good morning.

Monday, August 27, 2012

i was all in my head the other morning. you know what i mean, right? i was even straight out of yoga, the quote read during shavasana about observing your life from a birds-eye-view, but i couldn't snap out of it. my thoughts, heavy. my mind, restless.

then right when i needed it the most, i hear good morning! those two simple words catching me off guard. i was forced to pause, come out of my low place, and connect with another human being. what a lesson.

in that moment i was equally grateful and embarrassed. like thank gosh there is such a thing as a nice, young gentleman in a suit on his way to work who happened to be feeling friendly that day! and at the same time i felt ashamed, like really gina, get out of your head! {it's a like and an exclamation point kind of blog post!}

anyhow, i was grateful for that stranger all day long. he likely hasn't a clue, but that's the beauty of paying it forward, wouldn't you agree? so let's do our best to help each other out. some days it's easy to leave our troubles at home and some days it isn't. so, vow to spread that good energy on days when you have lots to spare. pinky swear.

*don't you just love this love door? photo credit to mylondoneye. makes me so excited for my trip! and sidewalk art love note found just down the street from my house.


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