good people find eachother.

Monday, April 30, 2012

i have some rather exciting news to report, my dears. my bestest is engaged! like for reals! this is like a sister getting married!

i am over the moon excited and happy and emotional and nostalgic. {it's funny how an engagement can make you stop for a moment and really reflect. i love that.} weren't we just seventeen and i met you for the first time in the downstairs of our freshman year dorms to later find out that we were living across the hall from each other? i swear that was just yesterday. it was only the beginning of a lifetime of memories we were about to create.

almost eleven years of friendship. it's moments like this when you think, my oh my, time is precious. and, i'm just so grateful for life and for the amazing relationships we cultivate in it.

that's part of why we're here, yes?  for the relationships. i think that's why i look up to love so much. falling in love. being in love. finding the one to love. because it's such a huge part of our happiness while we're here on earth.

well, i couldn't be happier that you found your one. truly, madly, deeply... i want those i love, to find the one they love. someone who is worthy, who loves them back unconditionally.

enter brian.

when i first met him, he knew i was important. and i don't mean that in a self-promoting kind of way. i mean it genuinely, just as i knew he was equally as important.

in my life, there are a handful of relationships i admire. i think to myself, i want something like that. i chalk it up to healthy envy and optimism and an inner knowing that the best is yet to come. thank you for being role models. it's so comforting to know that you've found each other. 

i read something the other day that i can't stop thinking about. when you're good at your core - really, truly, honestly good - love comes easy.

i believe that to be the truth for you two. 

you know what else they say, good people find each other. i am so thankful for the good people in my life. selfishly, i can't wait to help you plan your special day. and to have you both as best friends forever and ever. i daydream about future days when our three becomes a four.

big hugs from sf to sd.


  1. We love Gina! Thank you for the thoughtful, beautiful, warm-hearted post. We are grateful for you!


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