Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the monday night laughter escalated into tuesday afternoon giggles.

after begging this dollface to get on instant messenger so we could chat like old times, i received a surprise IM from her this afternoon.

...and then a surprise email so i could get a visual of the buddy list.

we are promptly placed at the bottom because she doesn't know how to move us. but this way, i can find you both so easily! she says. works for me.

the puddin', well, that's an inside joke. i'm so glad the apostrophe is there. heaven forbid, we've been through that mishap before.

this funny moment today made me grateful for the phenomenon that knowing one person can allow you to know another amazing person and another and so on and so forth. do you have wondrous, pure connections like this in your life that sometimes catch you by surprise? i sure hope so.



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