let it pour.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

oh dear. where do i begin?

i've worked twenty two of the past forty eight hours. and even when i'm not working, i'm thinking about it. dreaming about it, actually. is this normal? who knows. but it sure is interesting, and throwing me for quite the loop.

amidst it all i'm having fun. i'm challenged. i'm scared sh*tless. i'm okay. i'm great. i can do this. all the thoughts that pass through my consciousness in what seems like a split second.

just grateful for it all, though. to be slowly succeeding and learning from my failures. grateful for it all.

you want to know something else that makes me happy? during a lightening and thunder storm, when some of your best friends text you from barely a mile away. omg, did you hear that thuuuuunder? are you okay? yes. and i'm better now knowing that you're sitting at home feeling the exact same way i am. timidly brave. and in awe.

i'm obsessing over this song by fink called sort of revolution. discovered during yoga where i repeated two lines from the chorus over and over in my head along with a mental picture so i could remember. i'm a visual person, really. i do much better when i have an image to speak to.

come so far
let me know when we get there if we get there

what would you envision to memorize that simple phrase?

this song, on repeat, makes me grateful for red wine on a stormy night. when it quiets down a little bit out there, i turn on my rain storm sounds app. because sometimes, life's calmer with raindrops. it's the little pleasures, right?

goodnight. love you.

*embracing the rain found here.


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