it's only love that gets you through.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

i'm on a music kick. can you tell?

maybe if you saw my new favorite ipad app, you already know this. yes, that's vevo. endless music videos which equals hours upon hours of new discoveries in one sitting.

so, my latest obsession...

i don't know why i don't listen to more sade. her voice is lightness. heaven. air. tenderness. delicacy. peace. all wrapped in a pretty bow.

when this song plays it's as if everything is right in the world. it's been on repeat the entire evening, but of course was first heard in shavasana. we're on play number twenty, at least.

it's about a girl who wasn't afraid to love and unfortunately got her heart broken. but, she didn't let it ruin her. she knows that love conquers all. because...

it's only love, it's only love
that gets you through


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