one lump or two?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

i'm home sweet home after the most perfect trip i could possibly ask for. i feel so blessed to have been able to experience two cities that are absolutely magical in my opinion. i'm even luckier that i had two of the best hosts on the planet.

let's start with london, shall we?

i heart london. it's so easy. so walkable. such a seamless system of public transportation. oh that tube! genius. to be honest, i didn't plan a whole lot. i went with the expectation to not be too touristy, but to simply experience the city as if i lived there. and, well, that is exactly what we did!

you may have heard me mention one of my favorites, jamie, who took the exciting leap of moving to london in july. i think of her daily and i admire the brave step she took of living out one of her dreams to live in a foreign city. i've known jamie since i was able to sing and dance, which is really all my life. i consider her a sister, someone i look up to, and truly cherish. she's the kind of person that when you know you're one of her bests, that you matter. like really matter.

i was completely spoiled to basically have her all to myself as a personal tour guide for london and partner in crime for a whole week! oh walk we did. and talk. and laugh. and eat. and drink! and repeat every tube stop name {well, that was just me!} after the lady announced next stop, south kensington. next stop, goodge street. next stop, sloane square. oh i could do that all day.

i've decided that the best way to discover a new city is with one of your oldest, lifelong friends. you take a little bit of home with you wherever you go.

i could write you a novel of our adventures, but i'll let a few pictures speak for themselves and do my best to capture some of my favorite moments {there were just so many!}.

first off, i love the guards. they are so fascinating to me!

it wouldn't have been a proper trip to london without a stop at the queen's digs, buckingham palace, to see where william and kate had their smooch.

oh, benny...

harrods, you had me at hello.

there she is! it really is her great britain.

me, the whole trip: i love pounds! it's like fake money! {the only sane way to view the british pound}

mind the gap!

i heart you, notting hill.

and you too, primrose hill.

high tea {with a champagne appetizer} was a truly divine experience. i haven't giggled that hard in quite some time! one lump or two, darling? please notice the two men in the background. that is guy ritchie and the british {and extremely good looking might i add} actor, henry cavill {apparently he's the next superman!}. 

you guys, is it just me or does this look exactly like me? this poster was all over london promoting a new musical. the actress is named eliza hope bennett {we guessed kenzie! pretty close}.

fireworks in battersea park to celebrate guy fawkes day.

best night with these two!

in all honesty, these pictures don't do the trip justice. we had so much fun and did so many things it was just mental {my favorite british term}! and for an even better recap check jamie's post here.

take me back! truly counting down the days until i can make another visit. sending so much love. xoxo.


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