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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

not long ago, june it was, a dear friend came to town. this dear friend is d. we went to dinner after not having seen each other for well over five years, but it was one of those reconnections where i felt like i saw him just yesterday. oh, i'm sure you know the kind. within seconds i was laughing and within minutes we were going down our lists of places to travel and brainstorming where on this globe we could rendezvous next.

i truly believe if it wasn't for d and our dinner date that i would have never been inspired to go abroad. d is a gem in every sense of the word. he is kind. actually, he is more than kind. what term is worthy enough to give to people who are sweet and patient and giving? those who ask true questions because they are genuinely interested in your answer. those who make you laugh when you need it most, who listen with a compassionate spirit, and who let you be your silly self. because at the end of the day these more than kind people are comfortable with who they are, okay with being vulnerable, and downright honest with facts of the matter.

see, d and i, we just fit. i'm not sure how or why or when, but we just do.

so i paid d a visit in edinburgh and he was gracious enough to let me stay with him so i could experience the oh-so-magical, scotland. there's a dew that hovers over the ground at dusk in the fall that reminds me of childhood winters. i never experienced snow, but that dewy frost, that's something that stuck with me. i found it comforting on our sunday evening stroll through edinburgh.

in three days i was able to have some quality solo time exploring, and grasp the city by walking as far as my legs {and sore hip!} would take me. this included the royal mile to edinburgh castle and up, up, and away to arthur's seat where the views were nothing short of breathtaking. have a look at my best recap of scotland.

hike up to arthur's seat {which i never really made it to, so i found my own}.

view of edinburgh from my makeshift seat.

hike back down looking up.

edinburgh castle from the street.

you better believe i tried some traditional scottish whiskey before our underground ghost tour!

and sat in a tiny coffee shop enjoying the morning light, book, and pot of tea {scone not pictured}.

i can't thank my host, d, enough. you truly are my glass half full.

until next time, g.


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