on being brave.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

everywhere i turn these days i continue to witness my dearest friends braving it out. seriously, whether it's moving or breakups or separations or new jobs or quitting jobs or death or injuries or new beginnings, i'm blown away how each and every one digs deep to channel their tallest selves to stand up to any tribulation. it's truly inspiring. i can't help but think of this saying...
you are only as good as the company you keep.
true that! let's keep the brave ones, shall we?

i've never pinned myself for being all that brave. small acts of bravery, yes, but big huge leaps, not exactly my forté.

but lately, i'm surprising myself {maybe it's all of this brave company or maybe i'm just a late bloomer}.

i think the best kind of bravery is the kind that sneaks up on you when you least expect it, allowing you to prove yourself wrong. the kind that makes you stop in your tracks and say to yourself, wow! i never knew i was capable.

life can be scary. sometimes we are not completely sure of ourselves {who am i kidding, most of the time we are not completely sure of ourselves!}, but we must roll up our sleeves, trust, and be daring. because usually when we listen to that voice coming from somewhere deep inside of us that says, i can do it, it's right.

*photo credit: lbo photos. an afternoon at treasure island staring back at our city by the bay.


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