Tuesday, December 4, 2012

so last night i attended a cooking class and i swear the instructor could have been involved with the kinfolk crew. naturally, i mentioned kinfolk magazine and she knew just the one!

i realized i've been meaning to post about kinfolk for years and have yet to find the chance. well, darlings, with a little cooking class inspiration, today is the day.

i remember stumbling upon this video one slow afternoon a couple years ago and being completely captivated.

kinfolk magazine is an inspirational space for small gatherings and their belief is that eating together is a sacred act meant to be enjoyed.

get entranced by their promo videos for their magazine. breakfast for two is a favorite of mine... lovers, scones, coffee, sunrise, airplanes. i am completely entranced and want to be in that moment.


  1. cream cheese, i can't believe i have never heard of kinfolk... where am i? living under some poorly designed rock with no friends for a small gathering? well. thank you for the education. i have spent the entire day drooling over the videos and sorting through all those beautiful contributors. gah!

  2. omg my sweet layls! so glad i could share. i know you of all people can see the beauty in it. xoxo


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