incandescently happy.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

one of my very favorite movies of all time is pride & prejudice and i am thankful that this christmas eve it was the movie of choice. i could watch it over and over and catch a new line that's so easily missed in those old english accents. the humor is subtle yet witty, and i don't want to miss a beat. i find myself paying extra close attention, completely fascinated with the beauty of proper english and can't help but think how we've debauched it.

there are several moments in this movie that i think to be the greatest of all time. one is when mr. darcy's hand trembles after he helps elizabeth into the carriage. another is when they meet in the field and finally the moment she admits to her father that she is in love with him. i am a sucker for raw, vulnerable true love accompanied with big words.

i think my favorite scene of all time is the dialogue at the end when mr. darcy and elizabeth are finally married.

mr. darcy: how are you this evening, my dear?
elizabeth bennet: very well. only i wish you would not call me "my dear".
mr. d: why?
e.b.: because it's what my father always called my mother when he's cross about something.
mr. d: what endearments am i allowed?
e.b.: well let me think…"lizzy" for everyday, "my pearl" for sundays, and…"goddess divine", but only on very special occasions.
mr. d: {chuckles} and...what should i call you when i'm cross? "mrs. darcy"?
e.b.: {smiling} no! no. you may only call me "mrs. darcy"... when you are completely, perfectly, and incandescently happy.
mr. d: {chuckles} how are you this evening... mrs. darcy? {kisses her forehead}
mr. d: mrs. darcy {kisses her left cheek}
mr. d: mrs. darcy {kisses her nose}
mr. d: mrs. darcy {kisses her right cheek}
mr. d: mrs. darcy {they kiss}

swoon! we all know i go weak in the knees for terms of endearment. if you want to watch the end scene for yourself and fall in love a little bit, you can check it out here. may we all find the love we are looking for, and may it is inspired by an old-fashioned, classic romance.


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