love journalist.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

it was a series about couples and 'how they first got together' in the february edition of real simple magazine that truly inspired an epiphany i had this week. it happened mid-flight, somewhere over... i'd say... kansas. yes, that seems about right. i decided i wanted to write about love. and, by that i mean more so than i already do in this little space, but like for reals.

i want to write people's love stories. a love journalist, if you will.

it seems like the natural and obvious fit for me, yes? after all, my favorite question to ask people is so, how did you two meet? everybody has a story. and i want to tell yours. will you let me? oh, pretty please.

{i have the perfect guinea pig couple in mind who just might be celebrating their thirtieth wedding anniversary this year}. stay tuned!



  1. g, this is perfect for you, and i love the idea. i'll work on falling in love right quick, so you can share my story, oui?


  2. hurry up already! i'm ready to write. :) xoxo


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