Thursday, January 26, 2012

i remember this very distinct hallmark card from many years ago. after lots of research, i discovered it's part of the fresh ink line. they are the uniquely round or square-shaped cards known for their short sentiments and for taking an offbeat approach to saying something real or unexpected. absolutely some of my favorite cards of all time.

this particular one i'm thinking of had two youngin's on the front in rain gear huddled together under an umbrella.

inside it read...

you hold the umbrella,
and i'll hold you.

you know what? i wish i bought it because i think of that saying all.the.time. since i can't locate it at the moment, i'm giving you the it's all happening version above... the photo that made me think of it in the first place.

during my mad search, i dug through my card collection. looks like i have just a few to send! oh, who will be my first victim?

may you have someone to hold your umbrella, dolls. xo.


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